Publication Record Permanent Links

Our Publication Information page displays an abbreviated bibliographic record from the Government of Canada Publications database. You can create a permanent link to this page by copying the Persistent URL titled "Permanent Link to this catalogue record".

We recommend that you do not bookmark the relative URL displayed in your browser toolbar as we cannot guarantee the persistence of that URL.

Creating links to serial titles

To link to the Publication Information page for serial titles, use the persistent URL for the Master Record. Records displaying a "Browse Issue Records" link are Master Records for serial titles. Serial issue records can be accessed through the "Browse Issue Records" link and in the case of electronic serials, the electronic edition of the publication can be accessed from the issue record. Records displaying a "View Master Record" link are serial issue records.

What is a Persistent URL?

A Persistent Uniform Resource Locator (PURL) is a Web address that acts as a permanent location for a resource. While the actual location may change over time, the PURL does not, so if you link to the PURL for a resource from your Web site or catalogue, the chances of that link breaking over time are greatly reduced.