Distribution Methods

Distributed by mailing list

This serial title is available to Depository Libraries by subscription (mailing list). Sample issues of serial titles are available to Depository Libraries upon request. To subscribe to this publication, Depository Libraries should contact Customer Service.

One free copy to Depository Libraries

Full Depository Libraries receive one copy of this publication automatically. Selective Depository Libraries are entitled to receive one free copy of this publication if ordered within the time period specified at the beginning of the Weekly Checklist.

Available to Full Depository Libraries only

Because the issuing agency was unable to supply copies of this publication to the DSP in quantities sufficient for distribution to all Depository Libraries, it is available only to Full Depository Libraries.

Available only from issuing agency

This publication has been released by the issuing agency but copies for distribution to Depository Libraries have not been made available to the DSP. It is listed for information purposes only.

Available to Map Depository Libraries only

This printed map is distributed only to Canadian Map Depository Libraries. All other persons and organisations may obtain printed A Series Topographic maps from Regional Distribution Centres and certified map printers while A Series Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) Maps may be obtained from the GSC Bookstore and authorised map retailers.