Annual report / Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation. : CC191E-PDF

Outlines the Corporation’s accomplishments for the past fiscal year. It presents a 10-year financial summary including a table of product deliveries and financial returns for the same period, discusses how fishers are paid, and sets out future strategies. Created in 1969, the Corporation’s mandate is to purchase all fish lawfully fished and offered for sale; to create an orderly market; to promote international markets; to increase fish trade; and to increase returns to fishers.

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Renseignements sur la publication
Ministère/Organisme Canada.Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation.
Titre Annual report / Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation.
Variante du titre Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation annual report
Type de publication Série
Langue [Anglais]
Autres langues publiées [Français]
Format Électronique
Autres formats offerts Papier-[Anglais]
Note(s) Issued also in French under title: Rapport annuel.
Report year ends Apr. 30.
Information sur la publication Winnipeg : Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation, [2000]-
Chronologie 1999/2000-
Périodicité Annual
ISSN 1701-428X
Numéro de catalogue
  • CC191E-PDF
Descripteurs Freshwater fish
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