Language learning products catalogue of the Canada School of Public Service—English-as-a-second-language training—Beginner and intermediate level


Some of the links found on this page contain content exclusively in English.

Interface Canada will enable you to achieve sufficient competence to communicate effectively in English at levels A and B.

Interface Canada deals with the common language functions of the workplace: greeting, introducing, requesting information, expressing opinions, agreeing, disagreeing, apologizing, persuading, negotiating and leave-taking.

Interface Canada (Teacher)

Teacher's book 1

Interface Canada. Teacher's book 1

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Teacher's book 2

Interface Canada. Teacher's book 2

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Teacher's book 3

Interface Canada. Teacher's book 3

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Teacher's book 4

Interface Canada. Teacher's book 4

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Teacher's book 5

Interface Canada. Teacher's book 5

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Teacher's book 6

Interface Canada. Teacher's book 6

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Teacher's book 7

Interface Canada. Teacher's book 7

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Teacher's book 8

Interface Canada. Teacher's book 8

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Teacher's book. Role playing for consolidation

Interface Canada. Teacher's book. Role playing for consolidation

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Interface Canada oral interaction—Levels A and B: administrator's and teacher's guide 

Interface Canada (Student)

Student’s book 1

Interface Canada. Student's book 1

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Student’s book 2

Interface Canada. Student's book 2

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Student’s book 3

Interface Canada. Student's book 3

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Student’s book 4

Interface Canada. Student's book 4

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Student’s book 5

Interface Canada. Student's book 5

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Student’s book 6

Interface Canada. Student's book 6

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Student’s book 7

Interface Canada. Student's book 7

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Student’s book 8

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