Language learning products catalogue of the Canada School of Public Service—French-as-a-second-language training—Level C


Some of the links found on this page contain content exclusively in French.

Sessions préparatoires 1 et 2 are classroom review periods each lasting two weeks. They enable learners to consolidate Level B language skills: language functions, grammar, vocabulary and oral comprehension.

Session préparatoire 1 (Niveau C)

Session préparatoire 1 presents the various ways of introducing oneself, and requesting or providing information:

Session préparatoire 1

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Session préparatoire 2 (Niveau C)

Session préparatoire 2 presents the various ways of stating, analysing and explaining a problem:

Session préparatoire 2

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Programme de français langue seconde (Niveau C)

The Programme de français langue seconde – Niveau C (PFL2 – C) is for advanced users who already have a sufficient understanding of the A and B Levels. It involves the acquisition of skills and the achievement of language performance in order to achieve the objectives of level C competence.

The materials and components of the Programme de français langue seconde – Niveau C (PFL2 – C) are described in the manual Guide méthodologique.

The course consists of four modules divided into themes:

Each theme, which is a lexicon, is connected to one of the following broad categories:

The quick reference tools provide detail on phonetics, language functions and common phenomena of the spoken language:

The course also includes 23 language function scenarios studied over four modules:

The course also contains several video files, including all the video excerpts from the film "Le grand zèle":

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